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Συγγραφέας: Θέμα: THINK TANK Joseph Christos Kondylakis - Why it is needed ...

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THINK TANK Joseph Christos Kondylakis - Why it is needed ...


By Joseph-Christos Kondylakis,Physicist graduated with Excellent degree from Aristotle University of Thessaloniki in Greece,Nuclear Physicist/specialized in Nuclear FISSION(Applied + Theoretically) graduated from McGill University of Canada with Canadian Scholarship,former Assistant Technical Supervisor in the Nuclear Generation Division of “Ontario Hydro” in Canada,former Manager of Systems Design & Development in Canada,former Research Scientist working in Basic & Fundamental Scientific Research in H.C.M.R. in Greece and continuing after it,
postal address:Mikras Asias 13,Agios Nikolaos,Anavissou,19013 Attiki,Greece,
tel+fax:+30-2291055275, , Thursday-19-October-2017

Your reference are:
[1] Our previous communications...
[2] “Inside the Think Tank-Advising the Cabinet 1971-1983” by Tessa Blackstone,et al,1988
[3] “Global Think Tanks” by James McGann et al , 2010

From [2],p.11 “...Governments are always at some risk of losing sight of the need to consider the totality of their current policies in relation to longer term objectives;and they pay too little attention to the difficult,but critical,task of evaluating as objectively as possible the alternative policy options and priorities open to them”. From [2],p.12 “...THERE IS AN EXCESSIVE FOCUS ON THE SHORT TERM”. From [2],p.12 “...Certain styles of doing things become customary,and slow to change”.
From [2],p.14 “The performance of rulers - i.e. the Quality of decisions that they take-is weakened by factors inherent in the very processes in which rulers are involved:”overload”,stress,and strain,the manipulation of information by colleagues and subordinates,”court politic”,excessive deference on the part of most of their advisers,and so on...”. From [2],p.20 “The typical civil servant joins (Government) in his or her early twenties and stay for lifetime...because few leave,few arrive,so there is little infiltration of the bureaucracy from outside,which might bring in new ideas and new methods(viz it exist in Governments a group thinking problem).
In addition of the above this author add that most civil servants afraid to consider problems that make sad their hierarchy and very often top job positions are taken because of political or other connections and not because of qualifications, therefore then ,often, top administrators they cannot understand the very criticality of not usual working themes and ideas, as f.e. the very criticality of the Prevention! of Extreme Severe Nuclear Accidents in case a Nuclear Fission Power Plant Explode as Nuclear Bomb!, or the Need of a “Unified Theory of Oncology” to Guide! in accelerated way the applied oncology research towards cure of Cancer disease or the Fundamental Problem of the evolution of Humanity towards to its De-humanization!..These Vital Problems have been considered by this author in [1] and in his scientific publications...

The above reasons act as an introduction of the Need for Fully Independent International Think Tanks and this author,alone,try to act as one Fully Independent!!! International Think Tank considering Vital problems of Humanity and of the planet Earth...However he welcome feedback communications in order to improve the quality and the effective of his research work,e.t.c.,...
s.n. Very Big Barriers and Big Injustices are put to this author which make difficult his research work, because high destructive international interests are going against the Good of Humanity & planet Earth...In our scientific understanding, an International Investigation(s) & Actions are Needed ,before in the Humanity & in planet Earth happens irreversible Huge Catastrophe(s) ,due to the existing and future high technology controlled by Evil minds (above the Nations) who govern the evolution of Humanity & planet Earth...
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