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Όνομα χρήστη swos (Αποστολή U2U)  (Προσθέστε στο βιβλίο διευθύνσεων )
Registered: 27-11-2003 (0.49 μηνύματα ανά ημέρα)
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Β΄κατηγορίας παίκτης

Τελευταία ενέργεια: 18-6-2013 στις 17:09

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Βιογραφικό: swos:

abr -Slut Whore Of Satan. A female who listens to heavy metal, or other extreme hybrids of the style and attends live band shows dressed in black and leather in order to find someone to have sexual intercourse with and leave the temporary partner the next morning.

short - a slut who listens to heavy metal.

"That ugly bitch over there is a SWOS"
"Man, this gig is full of SWOS"
"I could go a SWOS or two right now"
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